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Aubergine Katsu Curry
This dish is outrageous. It tastes amazing, can be made completely vegan (just swap the egg out for aquafaba aka chickpea water) and tastes almost exactly like the restaurants (sorry Wagamama). Make this once and you won't look back✌️
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This incredibly easy pasta dish is a marriage of punchy flavours that combine to create something extra special. It's the perfect dinner at the end of a long day when you don't feel like cooking. Please please give it a go 🍝
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This dish hits all the marks: big on flavour, looks impressive, and secretly not hard to make! Yes, it might be a bit of a faff to sieve your peas, but the result is a velvety smooth puree. You'll love it and want to put it with everything. And scallops are such a joy to cook: hot pan, a couple of minutes on each side and a squeeze of lemon at the end. Joyous.
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