Gem’s Salmon with Rosemary Potatoes, Spinach and Cream Sauce

While we’re all at home, and probably have a bit more time to cook, I thought I’d share something a bit different. Lots of my friends are holed up with their partners, so why not cook up a date-worthy dish one evening? This recipe is a total dream: Juicy salmon, crispy potatoes, delicious cream sauce….

Roast Cod, Braised Chickpeas and Spinach, Crispy Breadcrumbs

I love fish but struggle to eat enough of it in the week. There’s always time to make this roast cod with chickpeas dish though! It’s packed with flavour, high in protein and quick to make. The crunch from the breadcrumbs really makes it, make sure you don’t skimp on them! 30 minutes, serves 1…