Coconut Overnight Oats with Apple and Banana

It’s been a week since the yoga and brunch pop-up! As much as it’s been great to chill and not stress-prep poached eggs πŸ₯šπŸ₯š, I’ve now FINALLY got back in the kitchen. Enjoy this recipe for overnight oats, the ideal brekky to prepare this evening, and happily munch all week πŸ˜‹

Takes 10 minutes to prep + overnight soaking, makes 4 work breakfasts

500g rolled oats
3 apples
2 bananas, sliced into discs
1 litre of coconut milk
A handful of raisins
A handful of pumpkin seeds
A jar of coconut almond butter. I like @pipandnut

1) In a big Tupperware, add the oats and coconut milk. Grate over the apples, including the skin, using a box grate. Mix well, cover and pop in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
2) When you’re ready to serve, pour a generous portion of overnight oats, top with a sprinkle of raisins, pumpkin seeds, a swirl of coconut almond butter, and some banana slices.29w

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