Tray Roasted Chipotle Chicken Thighs

This week’s recipe is probably the laziest one yet! Buy stuff, chop a bit and sling in the oven. The chipotle paste is a revelation, well worth snooping around the supermarket to find.

Takes 45 minutes, makes 4 work lunches

1 pack skin-on chicken thighs (six pieces roughly)
2 red onions, cut into thick wedges
2 peppers, with the seeds removed and cut into strips
2 cloves of garlic
1 jar of chipotle paste (I got a great jar from @tescofood)
1 big bunch of parsley
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

1) Pre heat your oven at 180C. Pour the chipotle paste over the chicken thighs and rub all over.
2) In a high-sided baking tray throw in the onions, peppers and garlic. Season well, add a drizzle of olive oil and a splash of water. Lay the chicken thighs on top.
3) Roast for around 30 minutes until the chicken skin is golden and the thighs are cooked through.
4) Serve with a scattering of parsley.

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